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Copper smuggling women caught in Beitbridge


Beitbridge | Two women from Karoi farming town we’re arrested at Beitbridge border town on Thursday as they tried to smuggle copper using a donkey cart.

According to Beitbridge police sources the two were identified as resident villagers from Hurungwe under Village 2, Headman Takaendesa Chief Kazangarare in Hurungwe district under which Karoi town falls.

The two female suspects were Tendai Munaiki ID 38-147860-P-38 (35) and Ellen Phiri (36) ID 38-1948455-F-38.

The police notice reads, “The two were in the company of another male suspect arrested at the same spot one Moses Pangenyama (42) ID 18-0777962-H-18 of stand 1902, New stands, Beitbridge.

The trio was leading a donkey-drawn cart laden with 824.1 kg copper in various forms stashed in 12 sacks. They were trying to cross the Limpopo into South Africa through an undesignated point via the River Ranch area”

Sources in Karoi town, positively identified lPhiri as a local hairdresser commonly known as Amai Bee while Munaiki is a wife of a street fuel dealer.

The arrested duo may be behind unabated

The value of stolen copper could not be established at the time of writing while the trio was held at Zimbabwe Republic Police’s Beitbridge station and are due to appear in court soon>chaosafrica


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