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Former Accountant General Daniel Muchemwa Dies, His Family Suspects Foul Play


Former government accountant general Daniel Muchemwa has died, Zim Morning post reports. His family is suspecting that he did not die of natural causes. Muchemwa succumbed to bone marrow cancer yesterday at Dandaro Hospital.

A source that spoke to the publication about his death relayed their suspicions and said:

Well people die on God’s time but we believe our father, brother, grandfather and friend did not die of natural causes.

Of course he was diagnosed of cancer a few months ago and spent a bit of time at West End clinic and all but we have strong reasons to believe that he is a victim of speaking truth about corruption in this country.

After he left his job at the ministry, some people were not happy with the way he handled his Parly appearance with the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) where he is perceived to have opened the lid on the unaccounted funds abused by Sakunda under Command Agriculture,

In fact, the ministry itself (led by Mthuli Ncube and George Guvamatanga) frustrated him and held on to some of his benefits like his car and part of the severance package.

Another family member who spoke to the publication said they suspected that the cancer that eventually killed him was induced:

Yes, people die of cancer but since when has cancer killed a person in two months.

We had to buy 16 pints of blood because he wasn’t producing it anymore. We suspect some people who had something to hide within the ministry or any other government department might have had a hand in the inducement of this so called cancer.

He started having this problem after a work trip to Chinhoyi two days before his dismissal. He worked under Mugabe (Robert) and we are told his dismissal was part of a cleansing of strategic citizens who worked under Mugabe.

We are hurt and worried about how he was treated. He even said it himself that the Parly incident invited trouble for him

Muchemwa was fired by the president last year in October after it emerged the public accounts were in shambles>chaosafrica


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