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Chitungwiza Man Hanged Himself To Death At Church Premises


In a tragic incident, a Chitungwiza man allegedly hanged himself to death at a church premises on Sunday. Chaosafrica has learnt that Nation Pfunhani committed suicide at St Mary’s Anglican Parish in Chitungwiza where he was employed as a caretaker.

According to local tabloid publication H-Metro, it is not yet clear why the deceased took his own life since he did not leave a note behind. However, unconfirmed reports have emerged alleging that the death was a result of a marital dispute, but this is disputed by the family. In a lengthy interview with the publication, the deceased’s sister-in-law Netsai Rugoyi said that Pfunhani was happily married.

The late Pfunhani was married to my sister Patricia Rugoyi for four years and together they had a three year-old son. From what my sister told me and from what I saw, I dont think there was something happening. I am equally shocked with what just happened.’

‘This morning (Sunday) bamunini escorted us to where we work with his wife and everything was going on so well. We work at Chikwanha kwatinotengesa tengesa. He then left us at corner Mhuriimwe School and he came back. All this time we were even talking nicely.’

‘We then came back I think it was around 11 am and when we got here we saw some church members who were looking for BaZviko (The late Pfunhani). They wanted the keys since he was the caretaker.

‘I then left her while she started to look for the keys, she told me she looked for the keys where they usually left them and couldn’t find them,’ she said.

‘Moments later she went to the house and tried to open the door. Paazama kuvhura door aona kuti ranga rakaiswa chihuri nemukati. So she called another member who was there to help her, upon breaking the door she saw her husband hanging on the roof. That’s when I was later called naAmai mufundisi.

‘But when she called me ndatoti ahh kwakanaka here ikoko, nekuti handiwanzotaura navo. I arrived here zvikanzi nematambudziko, Baba Zviko vashaya.Kutaura chokwadi ndashaya kana kuti ndoita sei, nokuti chokwadi munhu watamboona here.’

The sister added: “To say the truth I don’t think there have been something going on. They have been doing good unless my sister has been hiding somethings from me.’

Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tarirai Dube confirmed the incident and said that investigations are currently underway>chaosafrica


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