Girl 19 years old Kills Her Lover With A Scissors Following A Misunderstanding


19-Year-Old Girl Kills Her Lover With A Scissors Following A Misunderstanding

In an overwhelming episode that left the country in stun, a 19-year-old Motswana lady, identified as Koketso Mswanti, killed her 24-year-old boyfriend with scissors following a misunderstanding,chaosafrica has built up from a Botswana online publication, Parrot News.

According to the Station Commander at Broadhurst Police, Gaborone, Obusitswe Lokae, the young man was stabbed by scissors and later admitted at Princess Marina hospital, and was discharged but unfortunately died at home two days later.

“The young man was then rushed to the hospital where he was later discharged, unfortunately, he passed away on the 20th of May while at home,” said Lokae.

The expired is at Marina Hospital while the suspect is in police care. As indicated by Lokae the two are believed to have had a misconception but the issue is as yet under investigation.

In a recent development, this morning, the 19-year-old girl was denied bail by Broadhurst magistrate over fear for her safety. In the video underneath she can be seen showing up under the steady gaze of the court, flanked by court authorities, companions, and family members.

WATCH: 19 Year old girl Koketso Moswanti appearing before court after she allegedly stabbed boyfriend with scissors.

Posted by The Parrot News Online on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Perusing a decision on the bail demand by the accused, Magistrate Tonoki told the court that charges faced by the suspect can be damaging to the general population and the accused individual herself. He said that the court needs to provide the charged individual’s safety, and furthermore shield general society from making a move on their hands.

The court has additionally noticed that because of her degree of offense, and that in the event that she is seen as blameworthy she might be condemned to death, subsequently it was the best choice to ensure that she is kept in custody, promising her assurance from the general population simultaneously>chaosafrica


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