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Woman was killed in the morning, Then her husband killed the killer’s whole family in the afternoon


Two men broke into a family of six in Pruandiro, Michoacan, Mexico, and fired at them, killing almost all of the family before escaping, according to the daily cosmos.
According to police investigation, in the morning, a woman was shot and killed in the city center. The massacre in the afternoon was the Revenge of her husband for the murderer.

At about 4 p.m. on the day of the crime, two armed men on motorcycles broke into a house in the colony of San Antonio and fired at the people in the house until they were all lying in a pool of blood.

Neighbors heard the gunshot and called the police, but when pruandiro police arrived at the scene, they saw only one house of bodies.

Police said the murderer fled the scene before they arrived, and the victim’s family of six people, four women and one man were all killed by the murderer’s gun, and a young man was seriously injured and is still in a coma.

According to a police investigation, a woman was shot on a street in central pruandiro on Saturday morning. The killer was a member of the family who was shot in the afternoon.

It is reported that in order to avenge his wife, the husband of the woman who was shot and killed, along with another man, went everywhere to trace the whereabouts of the alleged murderer and attacked his family.

Pruandiro police said the body of the victim’s family had been taken to the mortuary of the local prosecutor’s office, and they were trying to track down the whereabouts of the two militants. At the same time, the police suspect that both cases are due to mutual retaliation between members of local criminal groups>chaosafrica


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