Home Africa News Stunner donates $US1K from his GaraMumbaiwe gig to charity

Stunner donates $US1K from his GaraMumbaiwe gig to charity


Stunner donates 1K from his #GaraMumbaIwe gig to charity. Thousands have been flocking her place of residents to get whatever the kind lady has to offer and this has drawn attention of many Zimbabweans, including Zim Hip Hop artist Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme with a donation of some of his Gara Mumba Iwe Live Concert winnings.

Zimbabwe’s lockdown has brought financial constraints to the already struggling population who rely on informal businesses to sustain their livelihoods. Enter Samantha Murokozi who runs a free kitchen soup in Chitungwiza town

Posting on Twitter, the rapper, who had a fight with fellow musician Mudiwa Hood over the concert battle, says;

Stunner has been making headlines recently with allegations from some circles that he divorced wife Dyonne. Well done Da Des for the generous donation hoping everyone adopts such kindness to help those in need world over.

If you seek to contribute towards this Chitungwiza and Epworth soup kitchens just contact Samantha Murokozi on her social media handle and numbers below>chaosafrica


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