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Kelly Khumalo Drops Bombshell : “My Daughter Is Not Meyiwa’s


Singer Kelly Khumalo dropped a bombshell that left everyone shocked and in disbelief. This after the songstress and actress announced on live radio that the daughter we all believed she shared with late Orlando Pirates soccer star Senzo Meyiwa, is actually not a Meyiwa.

According to African culture, if a man impregnates a woman out of wedlock, he has to pay “damages”. Senzo, who has a 6-year-old daughter with Kelly Khumalo, did not pay damages. and for that reason, Kelly Khumalo said her daughter is not a Khumalo and will never be.

Kelly explained: “The child isn’t a Meyiwa, she’s Khumalo. And I don’t see the necessity of sitting down and talking with the Meyiwas. We aren’t family and will never be.”

In an Ukhozi FM interview on Irvin Sihlophe’s Ezemidlalo sports show on Friday, Kelly said Mzansi hated her because of the Meyiwas. But said she’d forgiven them and had moved on, adding she’d left them to be dealt with by God.

Kelly also commented on allegations of being involved in her baby daddy’s murder.

“How is it my fault? Is it my fault because Senzo loved me? I don’t think the thought of it being my fault that Senzo was shot comes from South Africa.“I think the people who played a role in driving South Africa to hate me is Senzo’s family. They subjected me to a lot of hate and drove South Africa to hate me as well.” She said the Meyiwas called her all sorts of names.

Insisted Kelly: “They never loved me. If you search Google, you’ll see they said a lot of things about me.”

And in response to her daughter’s questions about her dad, Kelly said she told her Senzo was in heaven and would one day know about her. The singer also accused the Meyiwas of delaying the arrest of Senzo’s killers.

They’re the reason the killers haven’t been found,” Kelly asserted.

“They focused on hating me and finding me guilty instead of trying to find out who killed Senzo.”

She said Senzo was a hands-on dad and wished he was around to watch his daughter mature.

Senzo Meyiwa’s uncle Sfiso Meyiwa said they don’t hate Kelly but there was a misunderstanding between both parties.

We’re willing to sit down with her and sort things out if she doesn’t mind.”

About the damages, he said: “It’s our wish to go to the Khumalo’s and pay the damages. But we don’t know when we’ll go there>chaosafrica


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