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Marabha suffers memory loss,Mai TT comes to the rescue


Social media influencer and comedienne, Mai Titi, has come through for fellow comedian Marabha, who has befallen hard times due to his ill health

Mai Titi spearheaded a crowd funding for Marabha and at the time of her announcement, USD600 had Ben raised and sent to him via WorldRemit.

Said Mai Titi

Good morning guys, great news ,we have managed to gather money for Marabha 600usd . Get well my dear brother. Going live soon.

Marabha’s video went viral on Facebook yesterday, with the team appealing for financial assistance towards his medical bills.

The once lively Marabha was in sorry state, showing obvious signs of ill health.

According to the woman narrating in the video, Marabha has a problem of fits and is suffering from some form of paralysis as a result

He occasionally collapses and experiences total blackouts.

His colleague Kapfupi, was also among the team who came to see Marabha.

Back in the day, Marabha was once scheduled for a CT scan which is yet to take place, as the procedure was stalled due to lack of funding

Marabha’s condition is said to have started after he experienced a head injury which resulted in surgery.

According to his family, the doctors said his condition can be treated provided he has a scan so he can get the appropriate medication.

Back in the day, Marabha accused Kapfupi of bewitching him saying he sends goblins to attack him.

When the goblins attack me l feel dizzy and lose my mind, my family tells me the spirit speaks saying ‘we want meat and blood, l am Freddy Manjalima ‘Kapfupi’,”

However Kapfupi vehemently denied the accusations and referred to the mishap Marabha suffered, which resulted in a head injury.

His head injury might have caused some extensive damage to brain.

Kapfupi has been to see Marabha and is part of the team who appealed for donations on behalf of Marabha.

Those wishing to assist can contact 0773979298>chaosafrica


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