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Vinegar Busts Witches!!


NOT EVERYBODY agrees, but there are people who believe in the brown vinegar and salt method to end your problems.

If you’re strong enough, this method will allegedly reveal your enemies.


All you need to do is mix the brown vinegar with salt in a glass, place it under your bed and let the battle rage while you are fast asleep.
A woman created a Facebook page, claiming she could help people expose those blocking their success

But, she warned, don’t do it if you are not mentally and spiritually strong

She said she did this on the advice of a sangoma, and was confronted by three people she trusted.

“I saw my aunt, her friend and my neighbour. They fought with me! I shouted the name of Jesus until I managed to fight them off,” she said.

A few days later she went to her sangoma and she was cleansed.

Brown vinegar and salt testimonials are now trending on Twitter.

Some people tried this at home, and most said it works.

Lele Legodi said he tried this and slept for two hours.

He said at about 3am he heard voices and his blankets were pulled back.

“It was my ex’s relative. She was naked and demanded a poke from me. I ran and prayed until I woke up,” said Lele.

Mbewe Sethu said he saw his girlfriend’s relative who was very strong during the sleep battle, but he plans to go back for round two.

Siyabonga Luthuli said people must be careful.

“I consider myself lucky to be alive. I come from a praying family and our house is protected by prayers. This is not a joke, guys,” said Siyabonga.

Spiritualist Khokhovula Gundabaloyi rubbished the salt and vinegar theory, saying there’s no such thing.

“Level 3 of lockdown is really getting into people’s heads.

“We’ve been using salt and vinegar all our lives. Are you saying that we’ve been eating demons?” he questioned.

Gogo Lebo Mahautsane said she saw the post and wondered if it should have been placed.

Mamelodi sangoma Thobekile Dlamini said the two products mixed together and then put under the bed will not help reveal evil people.

“The only time traditional healers use salt and vinegar is when we heal people with sore legs,” she said.

Sangoma gogo Majoko Hlongwane said it was a lie.

“You can’t just see people who are bewitching you without the help of ancestors,” she said.

Healer Thato Baloyi warned: “Some of you guys don’t have strong spirits and are not strong to withstand what you see.

“You will fall asleep and never wake up.”

But on social media, the excitement continued, with some people saying that they got even with their enemies. Other went as far as saying the people blocking them almost died.

On Facebook Kamo Kleinkiiy warned: “If you don’t acknowledge the existence of ancestors, don’t try it. This is used by sangomas to let a person know who is bewitching them.”

Thandeka Maphothi said: “Don’t let curiosity ruin you. People use these spirits to hide their true identity so you might think you’re seeing your enemy but it’s just a mask, your spiritual gifts will be taken. You can suffer sleep paralysis>chaosafrica


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