Comedian Marabha’s Health Deteriorates As He Can No Longer Speak


According to a recent video posted by a concerned family friend, things are not well for Zimbabwe’s entertainer, Marabha, as his wellbeing appears to deteriorate. In a 7 minute clip recorded by a mobile phone, the man proceeds to request Zimbabweans for any sort of help with an end goal to spare the humorist’s life.

Together we can conquer,watch the video below that I was to show you,Marabha needs your help,don’t just watch,do something after watching,I would also like to take this time to thank everyone who has been assisting,but the battle is not yet over”,says the man in the video.

As the video starts, three individuals are seen scouring his hand and upper body as another man is heard saying at this point the humorist can no longer speak.Marabha has an issue of fits and is experiencing some type of paralysis according to a close relative. He at times falls and encounters memory loss in most noticeably awful situations.

Marabha’s condition is said to have begun after he encountered a head injury which brought about surgery.As indicated by his family, the specialists said his condition can be dealt with so long he has a scan so he can get the fitting prescription.

In the video, one of the disgruntled men can likewise be heard grumbling that the entirety of Marabha’s companions have since dumped him and are done coming to check on him

Vakomana vese vaanotamba navo vese vaye vaye hapana kana one anombowanika kana zvakamira so,ndizvo zvinotirwadza isusu”,he said.

Based on the recording, one of the humorist’s hands is not, at this point responsive and a woman dressed in white is likewise heard saying that she is in every case alone with the performer at whatever point the most exceedingly terrible occurs>chaosafrica
Video below


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