Home international news Mike Tyson offered $1.1m for a rematch against Hurricane McNeeley

Mike Tyson offered $1.1m for a rematch against Hurricane McNeeley


Former undisputed world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has been offered $1.1 million for a rematch against Peter “Hurricane” McNeeley.

McNeeley was Tyson’s first opponent back in the ring after spending three years in jail for rape in 1995. The Bostonian had an impressive record – 36 wins in 37 fights – when he faced Tyson and was confident he would be able to hold his own.

However, the fight lasted just 89 seconds with McNeeley’s stepping into the ring after he was knocked down for the second time in the first round, leading to his disqualification. After Tyson announced his comeback to the ring, Boston Boxing Promotions have offered him $1.1m for a rematch against the now 51-year-old McNeeley

When asked about the prospect of fighting Tyson again, McNeeley said: “Hey, if I’m offered the right price, then yes I will. You never know what this might turn into. I had no fear of Tyson back in ’95 and I have no fear now, not after fighting 54 pro fights>chaosafrica


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