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Robert Zhuwao,Undergoes Brain Surgery As He Battles For Farm With Kirsty Coventry


There has been a lot of speculation after it was revealed that the late former president Robert Mugabe’s nephew, Robert Zhuwao was currently incapacitated in a Zambia hospital.

The matter came to light after his lawyers revealed that he was recovering from a brain surgery in Zambia.

Pictures have surfaced on social media and it’s not a pretty sight at all.

Robert Zhuwao is currently embroiled in a land wrangle with Sports Minister Kirsty Coventry, whom he accuses of grabbing his farm.

Kirsty Coventry and her her husband, Tyrone Seward are reported to have given the absent Zhuwao 30 days to wind up operations before vacating the farm.

The letter by his lawyers reads in part


The above matter refers.

We represent the Applicant in the matter, kindly note our concern.

We have been instructed to file an urgent chamber application on behalf of our client. Our Client is currently recovering from a brain surgery in Zambia, he has signed the founding affidavit same which was notarized and emailed to us to enable us to file the instructed urgent chamber application.

We kindly request your indulgence to file the urgent chamber application using the scanned version of the founding affidavit and submit the original at the hearing. Due to lockdown restrictions, DHL International (Zambia) Ltd has indicated that the original notarized document will be delivered on the 12th of June, 2020. We have attached the shipment receipt for reference and your information.

Robert Zhuwao suffered a stroke on his right side back in 2019 and it caused him to be confined to a wheelchair.

As a result he didn’t attend his uncle Robert Mugabe’s funeral>chaosafrica


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