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Shocking:Woman Makes 2-Year-Old Child Sit On Hot Stove To ‘Fix’ Cheating Husband


In a very disturbing case, a woman is reported to have forced her 2-year-old stepchild to sit on a hot stove as a way to get back at and punish her husband who she suspected was cheating on her.

Chaosafrica has learned from local publication H-Metro, that the woman Yvonne Chifamba (23) and her husband Trust Mangana were arrested on Tuesday and were detained at Waterfalls Police Station. The two had initially agreed to keep the crime under wraps. However, they were arrested after they finally decided to seek medical help for the minor after they failed to manage the burns on their own

Speaking to the publication, Deputy provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Webster Dzvova said

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm the arrest of a Waterfalls couple in connection with a case involving a minor.

“Circumstances were that that the step-mother of the child had a misunderstanding with the father accusing him of infidelity.

“During the debate the step mother is alleged to have grabbed the minor and placed him on a hot stove and the couple are reported to have agreed to conceal the act.

“Investigations have since begun and we would like to thank members of the public for supplying information that led to the arrest of the two.

“Police continue to urge members of the public to report any criminal activities within their communities to police for the law to take its course,”

A close family member shed more light on the matter, telling H-Metro, that the mother of the child had released the toddler into the father’s custody in April at his request.

“We want the law to take its course because we strongly suspect that the step mother had planned to fix the minor’s mother,”

“Mwana akapiswa uyu anezera nemwana wemukadzi akapisa uyu nekuti vose vakabata pamuviri mwedzi mumwechete saka mukadzi akapisa uyu akakasira kutizira nekudaro makakatanwa achiripo>chaosafrica


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