A teenager came back home late after playing with her friends on 2 June.

Her father then asked her where she was she told him that she was coming from their relative’s house

But she was lying because while her father went to confirm from the relative that she was there he came back to find that she was gone

Until today the 13-year-old Nonzuzo Mbambo from Newtown A in Inanda north of Durban who ran away from home on 2 June has never returned.

Her father Philani Mbambo (37) is now worried sick.

He told Our reporter that Nonzuzo left after she lied.

He said she came back when it was starting to get dark and he shouted at her, asked her why she came late, and she told him that she was coming from their relative’s home.

“The relative said she had visited lives a few houses away from our house. So, I told her that I will go and ask the relative. I got to the relative’s house and discovered that she never went there,” he said.

He said when he got back home, she was gone.

“I believe that she was afraid that I will hit her because she had lied to me,” he said.

He said since that day they have been looking for her with no luck.

“I don’t know where to look for her now. I’m really worried about her,” he said.

He said Nonzuzo has never left home without an adult.

“Wherever she is she must be afraid. I just hope that she will find her way back home. But we will continue looking for her,” he said.  

KZN cop’s spokeswoman Captain Nqobile Gwala said detectives from Inanda Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit are urging the residents to assist with regards to a missing Nonzuzo.

She was last seen wearing a black jacket, pink Puma flip flops with grey and white short.

“She is fair in complexion. Anyone with information can contact Detective Sergeant Zama Duma on 066 216 0014 or 082465 5579/ Crime Stop on 08600 10111,” said Gwala>chaosafrica


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