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DRAMA: Husband and wife barred from entering each other bedrooms for 36 months


A Bulawayo man who was accused by his wife of allegedly deriving pleasure in making love to her by force, with the wife apparently thinking every forced se_x act on her could be her last, was on Friday last week sternly ordered by the court not to forcibly enter her bedroom for the next 36 months.

Anne Chiradza who was allegedly repeatedly sexually abused by her husband Obey Chiradza revealed to the court the level of sexual and emotional abuse she was suffering at the hands of her husband.

Anne, who chillingly claimed she lost her sight as a result of her husband’s emotional abuse, told presiding magistrate Nomsa Ncube who was sitting at the Bulawayo Civil Court that Obey was also evicting her from their matrimonial house.

“I have been married to Obey Chiradza since May 2018 and we have no children together. A year after our marriage, he started abusing me verbally and, on some occasions, he se_xually harassed me.

“I reported these acts of violence twice to the police and we were only counselled. As a result of his continuous abusive behaviour I am now seeking a protection order against him,” said Anne.

She insisted that her husband should not enter her bedroom while adding that the abuse worsened after she lost her sight.

“In December last year I lost my eyesight and the violence perpetrated by the respondent against me worsened. He sacked me from his company as one of the directors.

“He also stopped providing for me financially and he is also threatening to evict me from our house. This now affects my health and I always have chronic headaches. Furthermore, the respondent is refusing to pay my medical bills.”

In his defence, Obey, an accountant with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and based at Mhlahlandlela Government Complex in Bulawayo, asked the court to grant a reciprocal order.

“In light of the fact that our marriage has crumbled, I felt it prudent that the protection order be reciprocal and binding to both parties,” he said.

In her ruling the magistrate granted a reciprocal order compelling both parties not to se_xually harass, utter threats of violence and forcibly enter each other bedrooms for the next 36 months>chaosafrica


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