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Breaking: Luveve Hit By Mysterious Outbreaks… Hundred Of Residents Taken Ill As Some Die


There are reports that a yet to be identified epidemic, has ravaged Luveve with hundreds of residents being taken ill, while some are reported to have died already

The affected residents are said to be presenting diarrhea symptoms at large, which brings forward suspicions that it might be a waterborne disease.

According to reports on social media, about 400 people have been taken ill, presenting diarrhea, while 4 are said to have died although there is no confirmation of said deaths.

Rectal swabs for testing were taken from the patients and they were all negative for the usual suspects like Cholera and Typhoid.

Water contamination is being suspected as the source of contamination, since Luveve and other surrounding areas have been facing water shedding for a long time.

Some reports have said the water which comes from the tap is unsafe, with suspicious looking debris floating inside.

Meanwhile some residents are reported to be outsourcing the water, leading to suspicions that it might be coming from a contaminated source.

The Bulawayo City Council seems to be aware of the problem as they released a report on the matter 2 days ago

The City of Bulawayo has received complaints on suspected contamination of drinking water from residents.

When complaints are received by the Municipality, the water quality teams are dispatched to take samples, test it and recommend correctional measures.

In the instance of Luveve and all other areas where reports have been received . The teams were dispatched to test for quality, due to water shedding. Samples were taken in households

The results were unsatisfactory.

Rectal swabs were also taken and tested in the laboratory,and nothing was detected in terms of infections like Cholera and Typhoid.

Investigations are still underway>chaosafrica


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