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Teenage boy drops from school to care for 6 siblings


A boy aged 17 years in Langa has dropped from school to take care of his young brothers and sisters. His siblings are aged 13 and below with the youngest being one year old.

The teen has had to stay home after her mother, a TB patient was admitted at a local hospital and his father a drunkard does not have a proper job and does not stay at home.

I want to go back to study with others, but i cannot since my siblings will be alone. When i grow up i want to be a lawyer but i i don’t go to school i will not be able to be a lawyer.”

The children sleeps on one bed and use communal water and toilets. There is no electricity at the makeshift home.

With the father not providing for the family, they live on donations from other neighbours and well wishers.

“We do not have a fridge and there are rats which take our food. So food doesn’t last long,” the boy said.

Thandeka Dliso from the Family Learning Resource Unit, a non governmental organisation that works with children says she discovered the family in 2014. She has since been mobilising support for the children through volunteers and neighbours.

The little ones have been going to a local creche after i arranged for them. The mother receives grant money but she doesn’t listen to our advice and squanders the money. I hope they will get a Wendy house one day and be able to live a decent life. The bed smells with urine. They are really struggling to survive,” says Thandeka

If you would like to assist in any way, contact Thandeka on 073 077 8468>chaosafrica


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