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Khanyi Mnqasela son of DA Leader Masizole Mnqasela, in rape scandal



Khanyi Cheezz Mnqasela son of DA Leader Masizole Mnqasela, accused of rape

Khanyi Cheezz Mnqasela 18-years-old and son of Democratic Alliance leader and speaker of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament Masizole Mnqasela is accused of raping high school girls.

Table Mountain High School student Khanyi is accused of raping and sexually violating more than eight girls at school and claimed to be untouchable due to his father’s political influence.

Khanyi’s father Masizole Mnqasela once accused of rape

Masizole Mnqasela, Khanyi’s father was himself once accused of raping and molesting a high school girl in 2011 after inviting her to a left over braai.

The DA leader was cleared all charges because he said he was “too sexy to rape anyone”

He said the rape allegations were a smear political campaign against him.

“Every day, everywhere women long to be with me. There is no reason for me to criminalize myself,” he said.

Khanyi Mnqasela is a rapist – Who said what?
Chantell Mbalentle Tunzi

Chantell Tunzi is Khanyi’s friend a classmate, she claims that Khanyi rapped an unnamed girl and told her that he is going to give false evidence in court. He boasted that he can rape anyone and gets away with it due to his father Masizole Mnqasela’s political status.

I won’t lie , khanyi was my friend until I figured he is a whole mess. He is a sexual offender.

At school lots of girls complain about him and nothing has happened.

Khanyi Mnqasela is in my class and I’m sorry but I just have to put it out there. In English I sit next to him and he was telling me about this whole rape case that was/ is involved in.

He said he was accused of raping this other girl ( I’m not going to name her because I don’t know if she is comfortable with that ) .

So he kept talking and what triggered me is the part where he said he is going to lie about her in court because his dad holds a high position in the DA so they are going to believe him “ and anyways who is going to believe a girl who posts pictures half naked” he added.

He went on saying he is going to lie to them and say the girl is a hoe and every guy know that she sleeps with anyone.

That’s where I lost it , me and him had a huge argument that ended in tears for me. I asked him if he didn’t sexually assault her why would he lie in court and his response was outrageous.

Khanyi started raising his voice so that the whole class could hear. He went on about how mna I think I’m all that and I am a nothing and no one knows who my parents are because my parents aren’t in leadership positions ( according to him ) so I kept quite because as much as he said all those stuff he was still my friend right.

Him being him liking eyes went on and on and on and the last thing he said to me is that “ jonga Chantell , if I want I can rape you , I can rape anyone that I want and I will get away with it because I am untouchable.”

And I cried, Mind you his friends are laughing their lungs out kumnandi.

Khanyi Cheezz Mnqasela saying that I was unsure whether or not he knew what he was triggering , he doesn’t know that him doing all those things like spanking my butt when I walk don’t sit well with me.
Every time he talks to me he doesn’t ever forget to say “ ndizokutya unye wena” Just last week Monday he did I again and I reprimanded him because that’s all I can do since I’m a nobody in this world right.

Even if I report him to the school nothing will happen because his dad is best friends with the school principal and it’s evident

Tandile Lufundo
Tanile Lufundo, Khanyi Mnqasela’s school mate revealed that they complained about his and no action was taken by the school authorities


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