Mai TT, Mahwindo exchange words

…actor’s support divides well-wishers

…allegations of looting funds cited

CHARITABLE work to assist comedian Charles ‘Marabha’ Mapalume has turned negative with some well-wishers exchanging harsh words.

Marabha seriously fell sick prompting Good Samaritans across the country to join hands and save the comedian.

Several bailed him through medical bills, food, clothes and cash among other help.

Mai TT
However, comedienne Mai TT and founder of Mahwindo Foundation Wanisai ‘Mahwindo’ Mutandwa have proven that they have bad blood after both shared their sentiments on social media on how the donations were handled.

Radio personality Tafadzwa ‘Shugeta’ Ben has not been spared from the tug of war – he was the one who initially shared Marabha’s plight prompting several well-wishers to come to his rescue.

Contacted for comment, Shugeta who has been acting as the manager of the duo of Kapfupi and Marabha initially refused to comment over the issue.

“I have no comment,” he said.

Following Mahwindo’s message circulating on social media, Shugeta then opened up and confirmed they had decided to dump Marabha.

“Kapfupi was supposed to be here and live here and isusu as a team, this is beyond us, kutanga nhasi (Sunday) we no longer work with Marabha.

“It is a tough decision which we have been forced us to make due to circumstances.

“We had good times working together, takumbomusunungura kubva muchitima chedu, tikuda ambozvimirira ega.

“I think many of you are aware about Marabha’s plea for assistance over his health, barely a month after tati ngaadzoke muchikwata.

“Kapfupi couldn’t come on this live but he is not happy.”

Marabha on hospital bed
Added Shugeta: “Late last year, I met Kapfupi and he asked me to manage him and we started working together and many people would see me on his skits

“People would suggest we work with Marabha and I even advised Kapfupi kuti vashande vese naMarabha and we agree.

“This year we took him back and we realised that he had a problem which we didn’t know.

“We started assisting him.

“These past few days, Mahwindo has been doing some live videos achiti anaShugeta nana Kapfupi vari kudya mari yaMarabha.

“Hapana mari yandombodya, handina mari yandombobata and I even suggested that to his sister in law.

Mai TT
“We then roped in Samuel Manjalima, brother to Kapfupi and we started go fund Marabha.

“There are many people who sent their monies including anaMai TT and others.

“I was surprised kuti Mahwindo akuti ndikudya mari, and this forced us to take action,” he said.

Shugetta also said they stand guided.

“We don’t know what Mahwindo did, they promised many things but munhu anga arapiswa kudhara.

“Kapfupi ati ibva waudza wacho vari kuti tiri kumudyira mari, ngavachimubatsira nekushanda naye.

“We met on Tuesday and talked about it, and Marabha’s brother begged us, saying donations are no longer coming.

“As a team we have decided to leave this.”

In another interview with H-Metro, Mahwindo said:

“Mai TT neni hatiwirirane, I once advised her when she insulted vanhu veUK on social media.

“Vanongoti kumunhu wese ndokurova ndokurova, ndabva ndavatsiura as a sister saying that what she was doing was wrong

“Don’t bully anyone, so to me it was over but she took it as a vendetta.

“I didn’t take the Marabha case and put it my own hands, people who come to my foundation are brought here by my donors.

“Deputy Minister asked about the problems affecting the industry and we told him that we have some children who needed help.

He then commended Prophet Passion for a good job and requested him to assist people like Marabha,” she said.

Mahwindo added: “Prophet then accepted and assigned me to do the job, inini ndiri mutumwa to do the job.

“I didn’t ride on munhu wevanhu, handina kuziva kuti DJ Shugeta ndiye manager waKapfupi, I was referred to Sam, ndiye wandaishanda naye

“In all I did, I worked with Sam but Mai TT vakatanga kuti inini ndakaganhira, ndinongoda kuonekwa, ndinongopindira muzvinhu zvevanhu.

“I did a live video asking kuti pandatadza ndepapi, unless pane madhiri anga achiitika panyaya dzemadonations maybe ndoandinenge ndatadzisa.

“Truly speaking I do notknow where I went wrong because help comes from all angles.

“So Shugeta went live saying he doesn’t know what Twabam did labelling us as bad people, tichitukwa nevanhu.

“Mai TT further insulted me saying ndogara mumukuku, ndotambudzika, she was saying ndakazotanga kubatsira Marabha atozorapiswa nevamwe vanhu,” said Mahwindo.

She apologised over her post.

“I apologised because I have a brand to protect, these people don’t know that my foundation was sent to assist Marabha, handina cent randakapa Marabha, I only gave him my services.

“Mai TT has a vendetta against me, she did it panaBounty Lisa again, akanditundikisa nevanhu.

“I think she is competing with me, not the other way round.

“I know Marabha is in safe hands, hapana pandokwanisa kuita nharo naMai TT because she knows everything,” she said.

On the other hand, Mai TT feels Mahwindo bullies her:

“I don’t hate Mahwindo, she is too old for me to hate her, she is like a big sister to me, but she has issues.

“She has an attitude and she is a bully, why do I say so, we used to be sisters before and I respected her because she is older.

“Every time we would text, talk and laugh, then one day something happened on social media, you know people attack people for no reason and I am well known for retaliating.

“Because I don’t tolerate people who insult me on social media for no reason, I have rights to respond, because I don’t want to be bullied, because I am human.

“Then something that didn’t concern Mahwindo happened on social media and I was in the UK, she went live and said all sorts of the words I had never heard in my life because she was paid by someone, who has beef with me, to insult me on social media.

“She insulted and attacked me, she even threatened me and I am taking the issue to court,” said Mai TT.

She added:“Because she threatened me on social media and I have the audio in which she said she will wait for me at the airport to beat me up with her boys.

“It didn’t go well with me, and I had my own issues but how can she threaten me in the land of my fathers.

“This is showbiz, no one owns this, I made myself popular, I have rights to talk.

“I am not moved by threats, I respected her as a sister.”

Mai TT said the Marabha case should not be claimed by anyone:

“When it comes to Marabha, I am the one who paid for Marabha’s medical bills, she is lying that she was was paying, she should show me receipts

“Marabha has been family, me, Marabha, Kapfupi and the rest of the people

If these people want to claim people, nobody owns people, people belong to God.

“Why did people call me when Marabha was sick why didn’t they call her as she claims she is a helper.

“They came after I had taken Marabha to the hospital, then she comes and says heee people want to capitalise on Marabha, how can we capitalise on Marabha, he is family, Kapfupi is family

“If they want to help they should not brag about it, and always this heeh that,” added Mai TT.

Mai TT further said: “Do we help so that we are applauded or loves and likes on social media?

“She is a bully to everybody, if anything happens to me, Mahwindo is a top suspect.

“Right now I am in quarantine, I am back in Zimbabwe, and we have freedom to say what we want.

“They should not bully me these people, I don’t like it.

“They only bought a bed, she is fundesd by people, I took money from pocket, its Passion who did.

“We are struggling but we should unite as Zimbabweans to help each other, not to show off, I don’t want to be bullied especially by a fellow woman.

“There was also an issue on Bounty Lisa, she was getting help from Prophet Magaya.

“I did a live video seeking help from well-wishers to assist and she appeared again from nowhere, she went to Bounty after I had gone there.

“She was saying let’s take her to the hospital and she denied saying it was Prophet Magaya who was taking care of the situation.

“She always comes when people have done the job, she hijacks people’s projects, I told her let’s not fight, do not listen to gossip and she thought I am afraid of her.

“She keeps bullying me and enough is enough>chaosafrica


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