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Marabha collapses again


Ailing ‘street theatre’ actor Charles “Marabha” Mapalume collapsed on Sunday night, giving his family quite a scare.

The Epworth based actor was only rescued by Mahwindo Foundation boss Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa who summoned her driver to pick the gap-toothed entertainer.

Marabha has been unwell in the recently weeks and it took US based prophet and music promoter Passion Java who has been footing his bills

He sustained head injuries after he was attacked by thugs and he has been developing fits amid fears he has an internal wound on the head.


Java also bought Marabha’s a King Size bed, clothes and footed medical bills which were delivered by Mahwindow Foundation after being sent with the consignment by Passion.

In an interview with H-Metro, Marabha’s brother Paradzai Mapalume who has been looking after the actor ever since his health deteriorated begged Mahwindo and her partners to continue rendering support to his younger brother.

As a family we are grateful to well-wishers and people like Mahwindo who have been supportive when my brother got seriously ill.

“When Marabha’s condition was shared on social media, we were shocked by the response he received especially from Mama Mahwindo who linked the family with Prophet Passion Java.

Prophet Passion then sent Mahwindo with the medication, bed and blankets.

Medication bought by Passion

“Only yesterday (Sunday), Mama Mahwindo assisted us again when Marabha collapsed. We had no one to take care of Marabha and Mama Mahwindo is the only person who sent her driver to come and take Marabha to the doctor.

“She has been amazing to us and she has come at the right time when we needed her most,” he said.

Paradzai said Mahwindo and her partners had brought hope to the acting and the family.

“When Mahwindo and her partners came into Marabha’s life, he was almost doomed and had lost hope in life.

“I hear there are people who are now bitter about the aid Marabha has received from Mama Mahwindo and her partners.

“To be honest, other people who promised to assist us including the likes of DJ Shugeta handed over ZW$10000 from the all the money they were raising.

“However, the real work was done by Mama Mahwindo who promised to build us a house though her partners,” he said.

Paradzai urged Mahwindo to ignore comedienne Mai TT who went live on social media accusing Mahwindo and her partners of seeking relevance during Marabha’s illness.

The comedienne is believed to be working with National FM presenter DJ Shugeta who first posted Marabha’s picture.

“I might not be on social media or WhatsApp but we are not happy with people denouncing Mama Mahwindo and her people.

“She is only doing her part to assist us in these trying times and those who also want to assist can do the same thing.

“No one owns Marabha and as we speak right now, all those who are willing to assist can still do so and only God will bless them,” he said.

To date, a number of Harare’s big shots have made pledges to held Marabha build a better house in Epworth.

Some weighed in with building material while others vowed to meet his medical bills triggered by the head injuries he recently sustained.

However, there were fears that some of the well-wishers were considering to pull out citing discord in Marabha’s handlers.

Mama Mahwindo who was vilified on social media was reportedly taking a ‘wait and see’ situation after her name was taunted on social media.

She was attacked for linking Marabha with the sponsors like Prophet Passion and Deputy Minister Tinoda Machakaire among others socialists as they claimed she was an attention seeker.

Mahwindo said she would not be deterred by haters as she continues with her charity work. H-Metro


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