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Why Winky D Refuses $35k From Prophet Passion Java For Working 1 Year(2020)


POPULAR ZimDancehall chanter Wallace Chirimuko popularly known as Winky D has rejected a US$35 000 offer from diaspora-based flamboyant preacher, Passion Java.

Winky D’s manager, Jonathan Banda said the offer for an undisclosed project was rejected mainly because the Winky D brand was currently preoccupied by another project.

Deals come everyday of our lives and it doesn’t take one person to approve them. Although I am the front-man, we also have a team and we have some things we look at before making a decision.

Just like any other business we have to look for suitable proposals that benefit the brand.

Jonathan Banda
Banda added: “So maybe at that time it did not meet the requirements or maybe it was not approved because of the timing

We are open to business proposals but one thing for sure is that we do due diligence.”

Banda insisted there was no bad blood between Winky D and Java adding that all proposals are weighed in connection with the brand’s business objectives.

Java recently parted ways with upcoming Zimdancehall artist, Enzo Ishall who has since signed for a new promoter T-Mak.

Java is well known for promoting Zimdancehall artistes in the country and his links with one of the biggest dancehall stables Chillspot Records>chaosafrica


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