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Makandiwa Diss Java And Passion Responds(CHIMBONDISIYAI NE MARI YANGU)


Prophet Makandiwa posted a video talking about how people who have money never show off or bost that they are rich. Makandiwa also stated that all the people you see who show off and tell the world that they are rich is because they are not rich. “My brother or sister when you have money you become afraid of people and dont want people to know you are rich.

These comments seemed to be a direct message to Prophet Passion Java who is known for displaying his cars and nice house. This could also be a message to Ginimbi who is famous for also showing off his nice mansion and fancy cars. Another top celebrity in Zimbabwe who is known for showing off his wealth is Dr Philip Chiyangwa who is a veteran and master at displaying his toys.

Prophet Passion responded to Makandiwa’s message by saying there is nothing in people showing off what they have. Passion Java gave examples of other pastors and phophets who show their wealth. Passion Java also announced that the producers of Cribs would be at his house in August to film his house and cars. There is really nothing wrong with showing people your house and cars. “Ndakakura ndichipfeka maslippers ane chipikiri pasi saka ndisiyeyi please ndisiyeyi ndichi fara ” said Java.

If we just look at Zimbabwe there are people like Sir Wicknell, Phillip Chiyangwa, Mudiwa Hood, Ginimbi and Prophet Walter Magaya all these top celebrities have a history of sharing their wealth with people. Sir Wicknell is known for having over 500 pairs of shoes and nice designer clothes nice cars. Phillip Chiyangwa is known for having property and cars and multiple houses and is not ashamed to show it. Mudiwa Hood is also another celebrity who has shared his cars and nice house with many Zimbabweans.

Prophet Walter Magaya is probably the biggest man of God in Zimbabwe who is know for his wealth and is not shy to display it. Prophet Magaya has hotels ,cars and business which generate millions and he has shared all this with everyone. So when it comes to people showing thier wealth there is nothing wrong its all by choice. Everyone is free to do as they please with thier money>chaosafrica


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