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SA woman praises Zimbabwean men and angers SA men


SA woman praises Zimbabwean men and angers SA men. Yesterday she posted on her Facebook timeline: “In concluding this day allow me to make this final declaration: When the universe made Zimbabwean men, it was showing off. It was demonstrating its capacity to create near-perfect specimens. From head to toe and most definitely IN-BETWEEN, Zimbabwean men are unnecessarily well made. To date a Zimbabwean man is to be truly blessed and highly favoured. It is to be touched by the very hand of God. Hallelujah, amen!”

Malaika wa Azania Mahlatsi is praising his new Zimbabwean boyfriend on Facebook, but South African men are having none of it! Malaika says she has found love in a Zimbabwean man. She is hipping praises about how Zimbabwean men are different from South African men.

In another post Malaika Mahlatsi acknowledged Zimbabwean men are unusually warmer than the rest of men he has dated. She posted, “South African women who date Zimbabwean men wear short dresses in winter because they always feel warm inside.”

Malaika revealed that she is building her relationship with a Zimbabwean man after failing to cement her relationship with a South African man. She also says the longest relationship she ever had was with a Zimbabwean, unlike her relationships with South African men which lasts from weeks to months.

There is something seriously wrong with the cement and bricks that I use when I build relationships with South African men. In high school I dated a Zambian/Malawian man for 3 years. I recently dated a Zimbabwean man for 7 years. But the minute I try to date a South African man, the relationship lasts anything from 2 weeks to a few months. I’ll be trying to put the roof, next thing it’s brudlugugu, the bricks just fall to the floor just like that.

It’s been almost 3 months with a Zimbabwean man now and the building is proceeding well. You’ll see, it will still be intact in years to come. Had it been one of my own, we would be picking up the fallen broken bricks throwing them at each other. It’s a mess, bazalwan,” Malaika wa Azania Mahlatsi posted.

In another post, Malaika shared a picture of herself and Zimbabwean opposition leader and MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa starring at each other, with the following caption:

“Zimbabwean man: Ndeipi Malaika Mahlatsi. How are you?

“Malaika: I am ready to sell my house, leave my country, move to Chimanimani with you and grow macadamia nuts. Our child will be named Makomborero. You may call me Mai Mako moving forward.” Malaika has not revealed the identity of her boyfriend.

South African men have not received the news well, that their counterparts from the north of Limpopo as snatching girls from their backyard and the girls are much in love. Some have vowed to prove Malaika wrong whilst some have threatened to unfollow her if she keeps praising Zimbabwean men. Some South African men are telling Zimbabweans to go back to fix their country than stay in South Africa and get into relationships as a way of get citizenships>chaosafrica


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