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Ginimbi and Grace Mugabe’s brother in a fight over accident damaged car


Ginimbi and Grace Mugabe’s brother in a fight over accident damaged car. Mugabe died in September last year and Russell Goreraza, son to Grace, borrowed a top-class Mercedes Benz ML63 from Ginimbi for use at the funeral. However, the car was involved in an accident and was severely damaged. Kadungure declined to take the vehicle back and demanded payment or a replacement.

Socialite and flamboyant businessman, Genius Kadungure, better known as Ginimbi, is giving former First Lady Grace Mugabe’s brother, Samson Marufu sleepless nights with the former demanding back his luxury vehicle that was involved in a road accident at the funeral of former President Robert Mugabe.

Goreraza then sold the vehicle to his uncle Samson Marufu for US$4 000. Marufu went on to repair the damaged car and when Kadungure realised the vehicle was back on the road, he demanded it back or payment of US$15 000.

The issue has since spilled into the High Court where Marufu is seeking protection from Kadungure. Goreraza has also been cited as a second respondent in the matter. In his court papers, Marufu says he is almost complete with the repairs and has used US$18 000 for the job. However, he said Kadungure was now demanding US$15 000 from him and was also threatening to repossess the vehicle

“The respondents are commonly known and understood to be friends of some significant number of years. They are both known to me, the second respondent (Goreraza) as a nephew and the first (Kadungure) through circles and we have generally related over time,” Marufu said in his court papers.

“In the previous year, sometime around September 2019, Goreraza borrowed a car from Kadungure, a Mercedes Benz ML63 with registration number AFC6363 for use during the funeral and mourning period of his stepfather.

“While using the vehicle, Goreraza was involved in an accident resulting in the vehicle being extremely damaged. Kadungure refused to take the car back and gave it to Goreraza to keep it as his own and they agreed that he would pay for the damaged car or replace it with another one of similar value.

“I was present when this arrangement was reached. Goreraza kept possession of the vehicle and later on in December 2019 on the 11th, he sold the wreck of the vehicle to me. I paid Kadungure for the vehicle as demanded,” he said.

Marufu said Goreraza made a transfer towards payment to Kadungure but later heard there had been challenges with the transfer. On inquiry, Kadungure told him he had not been paid by Goreraza.

“He demanded that he should be paid for the wreck of the vehicle and named US$15 000 as the price for the wreck. Despite that, I had already paid for the vehicle to Goreraza while at the same time prompting him to play his part.

“In December I paid US$4 000 to Goreraza and he acknowledged it. We agreed that I would continue raising some money and remit to him to achieve the named price. There were no specific payment dates or timeframes bearing in mind that I am now paying for the wreck twice,” he explained.

He said recently, Kadungure threatened to repossess the vehicle and was using extortion means, threatening him with unwarranted criminal prosecution.

“Kadungure has become aware of the progress made on the repairs on the vehicle. I have made efforts to liaise with both respondents for an amicable resolution considering that agreements were reached, compromises were reached and money exchanged hands.

“I have paid both ways with the intention of maintaining good relations and also in terms of agreements reached both between myself and Goreraza and also between myself and Kadungure,” said Marufu.

He went on to say he was now unsettled and has placed his hopes in the courts because discussions are not fruitful. “I have acted as diligently and quickly as can be considering the time from date of threat and the fact that I did immediately seek to engage Kadungure amicably when he sought to dispossess me of the vehicle and renege on our agreement.

“I, therefore, pray for an order broadly in two stages, that Kadungure be interdicted from dispossessing me of the vehicle and in the final that he upholds and honours the agreement we entered into and that I settle him of the balance on his named price of the wreck,” he said.

The case is yet to be heard>chaosafrica


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