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Video: Nigerians humiliate naked South African women in Parklands for stealing Rolex watch and bracelet


Some Nigerian men residing in Parklands have humiliated two South African women, this time taking a video of naked women in their apartment. The nude women pleaded not to have their pictures taken but the Nigerians were having none of it. The women are being accused of stealing the Nigerians Rolex watch.

Hey shut up, where is my Rolex watch, ” one of the men is heard saying. Do not take a photo,” screams one of the women as their video is being taken. Another man is also heard saying, “didn’t i beg you?” The other woman responded, You did.

The video was posted by Twitter user Marc Anderson@PatriotMarc

The two girls are heard denying that they have stolen the watch. The incident happened as campaigns against Gender Based Violence (GBV) are intensifying in South Africa of the killing and injuries to women especially during the lock down.

In another separate Parklands incident, a South African woman was made to Twerk and Strip for Nigerians in a video that has gone viral.

n both videos South African men have castigated women for being cheap and willing to be used to get money.
Here are some of the comments about the video of naked South African women in Parklands

This is the worst form of dehumanizing a person. What did South African black women do to deserve this? The foreigners are literally peeing on South Africa’s Constution. @SAPoliceService please do something to save SA women from this humiliation. Find these criminals”

“The one who’s busy making a noise about a Rolex, R20 000, bracelet”

“But what we can do because they were there for big D*ks and money as they always say?? Our South African women sisters liked Nigerian men even if they strip them nude”

Defending these 2 SA women it waste of time, they will bash you after and call you names. let them be stripped naked by these Nigerian boys”

“I am failing to understand the hate South African men towards South African women….. Guys you are disgusting, all you could do is to blame these girls even when they are being destroyed by outsiders.”

“Hate is a strong word,how many times have we tried to caution our sisters about this foreigners?Every location in our country how many women are dating foreigners? when the transaction goes bad are we hating when we remind our daily song about this foreigners>chaosafrica


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