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He Killed His Maid After Discovering She Is HIV Posite


A former Lupane State University (LSU) lab technician killed his HIV positive maid whom he was having a love affair with was sentenced to five years in prison. It is reported that, the two were having an affair, however, after discovering that she was HIV positive, he gruesomely assaulted her.

It is reported that, Godson Zondo aged 40 from Emganwini suburb fatally assaulted his maid Khethiwe Zimba aged 52, with a plank all over the body in February 2018 when he discovered that she was on antiretroviral therapy(ART).

It is alleged that, the late Zimba was having an ex-marital affair with Zondo. Apparently, she neglected to inform him that she was HIV positive and she went on to trick him into having unprotected sex twice at his matrimonial home.

The extramarital affair is said to have happened when the wife was away in Filabus. Zondo took advantage of his wife’s absence to indulge in an extra-marital affair with the late Zimba.

Prosecuting, Mr. Blessing Gundani told the court that, on February 3, 2018, Zondo and the now-deceased developed a sexual relationship after Zimba had lied to the accused that she was HIV negative and they had unprotected sex.

On February 11, 2018, the accused and deceased had another unprotected sexual intercourse. However, after sex, the accused person discovered some ARV drugs which had fallen from the deceased’s handbag,” Gundani said.

Upon seeing the ARV drugs, Zondo confronted Zimba about the drugs and her status. The heated argument developed into a physical fight. It is reported that Zondo used a plank to attack the now-deceased Zimba. After viciously attacking her with the plank, Zimba is reported to have fallen headlong to the ground and bled profusely.

Zimba died the following day in Hospital. The post-mortem results show that the cause of death was severe skeleton-muscular damages, multiple injuries, and callous murder.

Initially, the Zondo was charged with murder by Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Martin Makonese however, judge Justice Makonese changed and convicted Zondo of a lesser charge of culpable homicide in connection with Zimba’s death. Zondo will serve an effective three years in jail after two years were suspended for five years on condition that Zondo does not within that period commit a similar crime. In passing his sentence, judge Justice Makonese said

“This offense is grave and serious and life was needlessly lost due to the accused person’s recklessness. The deceased lied about her HIV status and even hid condoms resulting in the two lovers having unprotected sex and it is clear that the accused person got angry upon discovering antiretroviral drugs falling from the deceased’s bag. It is clear that he acted in the heat of the moment due to provocation and lost self-control. He acted irrationally and his actions resulted in the loss of life.”

In passing his sentence, Justice Makonese took into consideration the fact that Zondo compensated the deceased’s family with 18 head of cattle and also helped out with funeral expenses>Chaosafrica


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