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Prayers Needed For Stunner Has Been In & Out Of Hospital For Three Days


Top celebrity reporter Zim Celebs is reporting that Stunner AKA Dziva has been in and out of Hospital for the last 3 days battling for his life. Zimcelebs did not disclose the condition Stunner is suffering from. Our Prayer are with Stunner and his family. Stunner is the biggest Zim Hip Hop artist of all time and have been in the music industry for over 20 years. Stunner has a huge folling in and out of Zimbabwe. Below is the post from Zim Celebs.

“Let’s keep Dziva in our our prayers, he has been 3 days in and out of the hospital fighting for his life. You are a shark boss and u shall overcome”

Stunner (real name Desmond Chideme) is a Zimbabwean Zim Hip Hop artist based in Harare. He is one of the pioneers of the Urban Grooves music revolution (Afrobeats) in Zimbabwe. He rose to fame during the early 2000s when the urban grooves music was beginning to take dominance in the entertainment circles. His music career is one of varying degrees of success as well as diverse controversies including the involvement of his partner Cyclone Dyonne
In January 2016 Stunner’s wife Olinda Chideme posted a video on social media claiming that Stunner had cheated on her and that she was at the point of taking her own life. In the video, she revealed that she had financed Stunner’s flamboyant lifestyle.

However, a day after the video meltdown Olinda and Stunner had reconciled. Stunner posted pictures on social media showing the two in each other’s arms. He even joked about the whole incident and Olinda seemed embarrassed about her earlier antics. In the pictures, Stunner is grinning while Olinda looks embarrassed. Olinda even posted an apology to Stunner on her facebook page

However, the very next after the reconciliation the two had another major fight. Olinda posted another video on Facebook Live and this time Stunner’s mother and sister were present. In the video, Olinda appears to be very emotional and erupts when Stunner calls her “suicidal.” In the video, Stunner appears to dump Olinda and begins packing his stuff. However, Olinda tells him not to pack his stuff in the suitcase he was using, as she was the one who had bought it. Olinda has recently called Stunner an angel and Tytan a devil who was out to use her for U.K. Visa>chaosafrica



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