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Mhofela Declares Unconditional Love For Wife Tyra Handina Kudyiswa


Ngoni Munetsiwa the husband of Zimbabwe’s top celebrity and top brand ambassador Madam Boss just declared unconditional love and dedication to his wife madam Boss.
Over the year many people have accused Mhofela as he is know by many of Madam Boss fans of kudyiswa. “Mhofela vakadyiswa” Or ” Mhofela I dutu mhofu vakapusa are comments made daily when his wife does something controversial.

Throughout all these stories and scandals Mhofela and Madam Boss have stood next to each other and never fallen apart. Mhofela posted a photo proving his love and dedication to wife madam Boss .he posted the following message.

“”Inini hangu ndongoda munhu nemoyo wese, izvo zvekuti ndakadyiswa ndotonzwa nemi vecatering”

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Ngoni Munetsiwa, husband to Madam Boss has sneered at social media haters who were dismissing his marriage to the popular comedienne as a petticoat government.

Among the naysayers are comedienne Mai Titi who has dismissed ‘Mhofela’ as a puppet to Madam Boss.

Haters described Mhofela, as he is known in the arts industry, as “munhu akadyiswa” (tamed by the wife).

However, Mhofela, who rarely speaks on social media, broke the tradition to boast about his endless love to Madam Boss.

Posting in Shona, Mhofela said he was excited about his seventh anniversary with wife.

He described the period as one filled with joys, sadness, detest and appreciation by the world.

He is adamant his marriage can never be broken.

“Happy Anniversary to us Tyra Chikocho. 7 years tichidanana, tichifara, tichitsamwa, kumarana, kutukwa nekufarirwa tingori tesetotenda Musiki chete tega maone.

“But ndakashinga shame Mhofu (as soft as wooool) VS Soko (vespeed nekutsvara vamwe) Ndiombererei qualify to be in the army Chimba ichi hachiputsiki shame,” he said.

MADAM Boss says her in-laws and hubby remain unmoved by circulating pictures and videos of hers while bingeing at a recent birthday party with peers.

The 34-year-old says she got the green light from her husband-cum-manager – Ngoni “Mhofela”Munetsiwa – to wear tiny bum shots and body-hugging swimming trunks, which left little to imagination at her elder sister’s birthday with friends.

In an interview with H-Metro, Madam Boss said she was now used to social media trolling which has made her strong.

“Firstly, this social media thing is just a game and that’s where some of us make their money from,” said Madam Boss whose pictures and video revealing part of her flesh are trending on social media.

Born Tyra Chikocho, the mother of one said she was aware of the consequences of the romantic pictures and videos on circulation.

Harsh social media critics have questioned her morality while others said Mhofela had lost control of his wife.

“When those videos and pictures circulated on social media, I knew it would divide opinions but my husband and in-laws are not moved at all.

“They were taken at my sister’s birthday in Eastlea and I knew what was in store for us. By the way, my husband is the one managing my affairs and I respect him before I do everything in my lif

In most cases, Mhofela is the one who takes and posts those pictures and videos and we talk before posting some of the pictures and videos,” she said.
Commenting on people who are convinced she bullies Mhofela, Madam Boss said: “When I am home, I’m a typical African housewife and you won’t see me wearing bum shots like those in pictures and videos that you saw.

“When I visit my in-laws’ place, I perform chiroora chese and I will be a totally different person so those who are close to me know me very well as a person who has respect,” she said.

Madam said being scantily dressed was also a remedy to Mhofela not to be distracted by sexy-looking ladies.

“By the way, I am still young, handisati ndave chembere ka inini, ndendichida kuti Mhofela vatozivawo kuti ndozvinochiviwa nevamwe varume.

“People are losing their wives to other men because their wives don’t dress the away they like. I’m not the first and last person to wear a bum short in this world and people should not make a fuss about everything in life.

“In my case, I used to get affected when people trolled me on social but I am now strong and I have realised that I don’t live for people. My mother-in-law is now my number one fan and we sometimes shoot those skits together.”

On her advice to people who take social media to extremes or seriously, she added: “My advice to social media users is that they should understand that this is simply a platform to socialize and meet new people.

“As for celebrities, they should know a normal way of life like any other people outside there.”

Mhofela who appeared unmoved in an earlier interview with H-Metro before we contacted his wife, has been running Madam Boss’ affairs since she rose to prominence.

He has remained unmoved even when Madam Boss was called all sorts of names, at least according to the comedienne’s camp>chaosafrica


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