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Pastor Mboro Demands $100,000 To Fight Coronavirus Demon In Hell


The South African controversial evangelist, Pastor Paseka Motsoeneng popularly known as Pastor Mboro, has expressed his readiness to go after the beastly Coronavirus demon in hell to face it head-on.

Pastor Mboro stated that he is ready to take the bold move and make the dangerous journey to hell on condition that he is given a sum of 100, 000 USD to cover his transport logistics.

“I am ready to save mankind, I have seen a vision of how the Corona demon looks like and I will defeat it.” Pastor Mboro confidently remarked.

Pastor Mboro said pointed out that the world needs to waste no more time in fighting something they did not have any clue about, emphasizing that with him lay the remedy for this most upsetting pandemic only and only if he received the sum amounting to the figure he quoted above.

The preacher categorically explained that having dealt with more severe cases before successfully, he was certain it would not take him long to bring the cure for the Coronavirus if he went after the right demon in hell.

“There is no need for worry and expensive research, the real problem is the demon causing this disease and I am ready to kill it once and for all,” Pastor Mboro reassured.

The pastor further stated that he has already put everything in place to ensure that the dangerous journey to and from the hell would be fruitful with the required cure.

Pastor Mboro gave an ultimatum with which to last expect the money, saying the last day should not go beyond the second week of July, 2020.

He clarified that he has put sufficient measures and urgently required the above figure to streamline the remaining logistics before setting off for the journey, adding that it was basically his undying love for his disciples at the Incredible Happenings Ministries church and the concern for the humankind that catapulted his wishes to remedy the stalemate that continues to worsen each new day.

Asked whether he really understood the dangers associated with the visit to hell, he said he understands the narrative so very well having been there for about three times, emerging victorious in all those moments.

The 51-Year-old said that cowardice would not bring any good news any soon, adding that he has decided to take the initiative in order to challenge other prophets on the need to be courageous and to exhibit the virtue of courage and boldness the time the world looks up to them.

The man of the cloth expressed his discontentment in the other prophets, saying they are a parody of Christianity and religion and should not be tolerated.

He called on believers as well as the non-believers to be on the watch for fake prophets, pointing out that as an individual he could no longer watch as God’s own children died like flies.

Pastor Mboro clarified that the desire to face the demon responsible for the virus, in hell, was so overwhelming that he would set off for hell the exact moment he received the money>chaosafrica


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