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Woman Travels Long Distance To Meet Romantic Online Lover Only To Realize He’s A 12 Yr Old Boy


Kevin is a hero by all standards and he is just twelve years old after making a woman travel a very long distance to meet him. Truly, no human is limited.

A lady is bleeding after spending time and money to travel a very long journey only to find out that the guy she has been chatting online was just a 12-year-old boy.

She had embarked on a journey over a long stretch of distance to meet the love of her life but she came to be disappointed.

The Nigerian lady who’s hurt by this happening said she traveled from Calabar to Enugu hoping to have a good time with the man that has been making her feel great in their online conversations.

He had promised me everything and I came fully prepared to meet him so that we eve begin plans of settling down. However, I was disappointed,” she blurted out.

This is a 258.3 Kilometres journey which normally takes approximately 4 h 21 min only to find this out.

She has hence taken to Twitter to cry her heart out.

Twitter users were unsympathetic to her plight and some just made fun of it, wondering how she couldn’t have known she was conversing with a child all along.

The boy in question is being sought by the moral police for questioning but he is nowhere to be found.

Sources indicate, however, that he will make an appearance at a conference and deliver a speech to motivate others who want to follow in his footsteps.

Wherever Kevin is, please feel appreciated.


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