#JusticeforLebo: Stellenbosch University student Lebo Masinga sexually violated and assaulted by a final year medical student


Stellenbosch University Student Lebo Masinga was sexually violated and assaulted by a final year medical student at Tygerberg Medical Campus.

The incident happened on the 4th of July 2020 and the Stellenbosch University administration is accused of protecting the perpetrator and failing to prioritize a serious Gender Based Violence case of such magnitude.

The accused offender was allegedly removed from University Campus after two days and was provided with private accommodation. He was given a bus ticket and a permit to travel home.
Lebo Masinga Narrates her sexual abuse and assault case
Lebo Masinga braved as she narrated the sexual abuse story on The Radio Police platform.

She revealed that the accused repeatedly touched her behind without consent, in a bid to reprimand the offender by slapping him, she was chocked to the ground. The offender continued to physically assault Lebo Masinga despite efforts by witnesses to restrain him.

South Africans are calling for the University and the police to give this matter the attention it deserves. Trending on twitter #JusticeforLebo has gathered momentum where prominent politicians and news outlets are tagged to the story in a bid to raise awareness.

The Anti- Gender based Violence Movement at Stellenbosch University has thrown their support for Lebo Masinga and called on the University administration for lack of responsibility and justice.

We are absolutely outraged and disturbed by the lack of responsibility and justice illustrated by the police and Stellenbosch University structures.

We are holding you accountable. Enough is Enough. Lebo Masinga will get Justice.

Stellenbosch University Administration priorities questioned
It just proves to us where the priority of Stellenbosch University lies. Everything is about their precious brand at the cost of our lives.

i posted this on Instagram a few days back and tagged Stellenbosch. They just reposted and moved on . I thought something was going to be done but now I see women are on their own. #JusticeForLebo .

For those saying “never take the law into your own hands” she reported it to SAPS. All procedures were followed &@StellenboschUni proceeded to protect him, get him accommodation& a travel permit to go HOME. What have they done for Lebo Masinga? Nothing. She still has to write exams.

@StellenboschUni amongst your many failures that you frequently sweep under the carpet you continue to fail the women of the institution. You are a disgrace! Stop protecting rapists and abusers! #JusticeForLebo


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