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Kelvin impregnates mother-in-law as she babysits granddaughter


A 32-year old man in Webuye, western Kenya, has surprised his village after impregnating his mother-in-law. Kelvin Waliuba, according to his wife, did not deny having an intimate affair with her 43 years old mother.

According to MKenya News website, Ms Nekesa, Waliuba’s wife, blamed herself for having invited her mother to help babysit their 5 months old daughter.

“I am full time employee and I don’t have enough money to hire a Maid . I therefore invited my mother to come over and help as I make plans to get a Maid,” Nakesa is quoted by the website as saying.

Mr Waliuba said to be a gardener in a neighbouring school is said to have been sneaking back into the house and engaging in lovemaking with the 43 year old mother.

“According to the mother-in-law, she has been single and therefore didn’t see any problem with what she did,” she is quoted.

“I am not married and was struggling with intense dry spell. I found it hard to reject Kelvin advances,” she is further quoted.

The Kenyan website says Luhya elders are now planning a cleansing ceremony for the family as this is considered as a great taboo.

“This is a taboo. We are going to conduct a cleansing ceremony for him and his mother. The child the mother-in-law is carrying is at great risk,” Mzee Buke, a village elder, is quoted as saying>chaosafrica


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