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Failed Hijack: Pretoria Hijacker shot dead by victim


A Pretoria hijacker was shot dead by a victim and died on the scene on Friday evening on the R55 & N14 route.

The death of the hijacker was received positively with motorists and pedestrians which described the place as ” dangerous crime spot”.

Witnesses revealed that so many robbery and hijacking incidents happens on the same spot and police visibility is only seen during festive season.

That was probably the smash and grabber. So now the crime will stop for a while at that intersection. I don’t know why the CoT never put spreadlights on the interchange like at brakfontein and fountains circle. That interchange is very dark.

They on prowl,they chased my lady until she drove into McDonald’s grey owl now before 9.They waited while she was on drive through.i drove there when I arrived they sped off in a silver polo/GTI tinted windows.Couldnt get plates. We terrorized by thugs here.

Two very notorious intersections that are less than 3 minutes from my place. I’ve almost become a victim to both in two occasions luckily drivers behind me started flashing for me. I hope that rubbish is dead>chaosafrica


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