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My wife is loose, she might infect me with STDs, please separate us —Husband


A man, Ibrahim Munemo has approached Court, seeking that it ends his six-year-old relationship to his wife, Melody Phiri..

Ibrahim in his suit alleged that his wife was troublesome and disobedient. He added that she was adulterous and this according to him is dangerous to his welfare.

The plaintiff aside pleading for divorce also implored the court to grant him custody of their two children who his wife had denied him access to.
The defendant gave her consent to divorce stating that she was also fed up with their relationship, but refused that her husband have custody of their children.

Giving his judgment after he had heard the evidence of both parties, the Judge , Isaac Kahuni dissolved their wedlock and handed over their children to the defendant for care.
The plaintiff was mandated to be responsible for their upkeep.
According to Kahuni, he should be in charge of their education and health care among other things.
The court ordered that he give the defendant $300 every month as their children’s feeding allowance.

He Said

“My lord, my wife is a thorn in the flesh. She’s troublesome and always seeking to fight me.
“Melody is disobedient. She disregards my counsel and never takes my advice.
“She flouts my order at will and makes me a source of ridicule before our neighbours.
“My lord, my wife in addition to these is an adulterer. Melody is never contented with whatever I provide her. She loves to live above her standard and therefore runs after other men.
“My wife has strings of lovers who she sleeps with and collects money from to satisfy her lust.
“I have warned her against this indecent lifestyle but she has refused to desist from it.
“My lord, staying married to Melody is like signing a death warrant. I fear that she might soon infect me with STDs. I don’t want her to send me to my early grave and make our children suffer.
“I earnestly plead with the court to halt our relationship so that we can go our different ways.
“I further pray the court to put our children in my care because aside not having time for them, she woul influence them with her bad behaviour, “the plaintiff held.

She Said

“My lord, Ibrahim has always been an unreliable husband and an irresponsible father to our children. He has never been there.
“All he said were mere excuses to get justice. He dragged me to court mainly because I refused to change my religion. He’s a Christian while I’m a Muslim. He knew this before he made up his mind on marriage.
“We have been living together in peace until he changed his sect and started giving me hell.
“My lord, I have told him he can go to any extent but I’m not going to change my religion.
“He called me an adulterer but he failed to mention that he returns home late every night because he was always hanging out with his friends and lovers.
“Ibrahim runs after everything in skirt. He daily fails in his responsibilities towards me and our children but lavishes money on his girlfriends.
“He believes every woman lives a wayward lifestyle like his lovers. He therefore trails me all over the place waiting for the day he would catch me with another man.
“My lord, I’ve bore enough with Ibrahim atrocities. My mind is also made up on divorce, but I pray the court to grant me custody of our children because they need the motherly care, “she stated>chaosafrica


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