Nadia Nakai is cheating with married Zimbabwean Pastor Passion Java, says brother


South African rapper Nadia Nakai is dating a married church leader Passion Java, according to Java’s brother Simba. The details of the affair was revealed by Simba after he recently fell out with his young brother. Simba even revealed that Passion Java bought Nadia Nakai a car.

Passion Java poses next to his cars, helicopter

Simba took to Facebook to expose the affair. He also castigated his young brother for taking him to South Africa and dumping him without any support but still afforded to buy his girlfriend Nadia Nakai a car.

“Passion you need to repent. Nadia Nakai if you are hearing me leave my brother alone, he is a married man. He has a family and do not do what you are doing. Start over with another boyfriend,” ranted Simba.

I really need people to know the truth about Prophet Passion. Meet me live on 7pm and i will tell you the truth about the sources of Passion Java’s money,” Simba said.

United States based Passion Java is one of the most popular celebrities in Zimbabwe and he is well know for flaunting his wealth on social media and sponsoring artists and other charitable initiatives.

He is also famously known for his yellow Lamborghini and many other luxury cars that he is accused of ‘renting.’

Passion Java is yet to respond to the latest allegations by his elder brother. Yesterday he accused Simba off being irresponsible and fathering 10 kids with different women. Passion also revealed that the family put together USD 10,000 for Simba but he squandered it>chaosafrica


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