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Bulawayo Man Goes On Killing Spree After Escaping From Quarantine


The police in Bulawayo have launched a manhunt for man who is currently on a killing spree who recently escaped from a Covid-19 quarantine centre in Beitbridge.

chaosafrica has learned that police are hunting for Mandla Moyo who is popularly known as MaFifyty for the killing of Nkosilathi Ndlovu of Luveve suburb. Moyo is alleged to have stabbed Ndlovu (31) after he was caught red-handed stealing a mobile phone.

The killing of Ndlovu comes after Moyo brutally attacked his girlfriend and her relative in South Africa and left them for dead. However, Moyo who seems to be out for blood is alleged to have returned to Zimbabwe with the intention of killing his girlfriend’s child. It is not yet clear, what Moyo’s lover and relatives did to attract his wrath.

The police in Bulawayo have confirmed that Moyo i9s currently wanted for Ndlovu’s murder. Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube told the Chronicle,

“The accused person…[also] known as MaFifyty with no further particulars known, went to the now deceased’s place of residence to see a tenant at the same address. He went into the now deceased’s room and stole a cellphone and was seen by the deceased coming out carrying the phone.”

Inspector Moyo said that when Ndlovu confronted MaFifyty a heated altercation ensued. When the altercation escalated, MaFifyty stabbed Ndlovu and left him to bleed to death.

Nkosilathi Ndlovu killed after man goes on killing spree (Image Credit: Chronicle/Zimpapers)

Luveve residents and Ndlovu family members expressed outrage at how Moyo gruesomely murdered Ndlovu. Ndlovu’s aunt, Mrs Joyce Ndlovu Dhliwayo, who raised him, said he was such a kind soul, who didn’t deserve to die in such a cruel manner.

“Mandla actually escaped from a quarantine centre in Beitbridge recently only to be a nuisance here.”

“He is one of the many people who escaped there and we recently heard he fled from South Africa after killing his landlord and heavily assaulting his girlfriend. He has been living in South Africa for years. He used to be our neighbour here before he went down south. Nobody wants to live with him. People are afraid of him,” said Mrs Ndlovu.

Luveve’s residents and Ndlovu’s family is pained by his sudden death. There are demanding the immediate location and arrest of Moyo. One neighbour said,

  • “He boasted at the shops that he had tested positive for Covid-19. He said if he is to die of his sickness, he won’t die alone. He said he has a vendetta and is here to kill Sheilla’s (NaPanashe) child before going back to South Africa. The person is his girlfriend, the one he almost killed. He said nobody can tell him what to do even if he has coronavirus.”

    Inspector Ncube is calling for residents with information on the whereabouts of the suspect to immediately come forward and assist in his apprehension.


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