Video:Ginimbi Buys Another $350K Ferrari 488 Spider


Ginimbi buys himself yet another Ferrari: Pics. The socialite/businessman is at it again, making headlines after he spoilt himself with a new ride again. The businessman is one of the many guys in the country who owns a fleet of luxurious cars.

Ginimbi already has a large collection of supercars at his mansion in Domboshava. His fleet, includes two Rolls Royce, three Bentleys, two Range Rovers and one Mercedes-Benz 2018 G63 among many others. Early this year the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) pounced on his home and seized his US$200 000 Bentley Continental GT motor vehicle after they claimed its import duty was irregular.

He keeps buying cars like he buys pizza. Here is pictures of his latest ride Ferrari. He also owns a two-seater $350,000 ‘Ferrari 488 Spider’ sports car. Which he after paying duty for it in Zimbabwe, the car cost him in excess of US$450 000.

Now the new ride we don’t know about the figures yet but the pictures speak for themselves>chaosafrica

Watch video below


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