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Nash Tv Sues Allanahs Manager Papa Lodza For Copyright Of Fadza Mutengi Song


Nash Tv is Suing Lloyd Jiro who happens to Be Allanah’s Manager over Copyrights of the song “Fadza Mutengi” by Allanah and Poptain. Through their lawyers Mutamangira and Associates , Nash Tv is saying they bought the song from cymplex who produced the song therefore they now own 100% ownership to distribute and sell the song

Jiro Also knows as Papa Lodza Is Being sued for selling the Song on Online music platforms. The question is, Does a producer have the right to sell songs without consulting the artists? Wasn’t Nash Tv supposed to buy the song from Allanah and Poptain not Cymplex? How do you sue the artist for selling her song ? Did Nash Tv buy the song or they bought the instrumental? Here is What Papa Lodza had to say about the lawsuit.

Nash TV through it’s lawyers, Mutangara and Associates have indicted Llyod “Pappa Lodza” Jiro over copyright infringement of the hit song “Fadza Mutengi”.

The track was dancehall sensation Poptain collaboration with Tiny Machivenyika affectionately known as Allanah.

Allanah’s manager, Pappa Lodza is being accused of uploading ‘Fadza Mutengi’ visuals on various social media platforms without Nash TV consent’s.

The video has bagged over 147 thousand views on YouTube.

By law, the video which was recorded under Nash TV series dubbed “color vibes” saw the entity enjoying exclusive rights after having purchased it from Cymplex Music. In the letter that is dated Thursday 16 July, Pappa Lodza has been given a 48 hour deadline to do remedial actions as he has prejudiced Nash TV online revenue over his “wrongful and illegal” activity.

“We have been instructed therefore to demand as we hereby do within 48 hours of your receipt of this letter to demand the following.

“That you pull down the song from all online media platforms wherein you claimed and purported to be the copyrights owner of the song.

“That you set the record straight on all those platforms that you are not the copyrights owner of the song and acknowledge our client as the owner.

“That you provide our client a detailed statement of your accounts as they relate to online sales of the particular song.
“That you transfer all such monies to the account of our client shall provide you when you respond.

“That you make a public apology in writing which shall be shared on our client’s social media platforms in order to cure the harm caused by your conduct,” read the demands.

Failure to comply with the above mentioned demands, an array of legal actions against Jiro has been stated which include issuing of summons in the court of law.

The legal costs at the time of issuing of the letter have also been pegged at $21.00/ hour all which will be born by Pappa Lodza should he remain adamant.

Efforts to get a comment from Pappa Lodza were fruitless by the time of publishing>chaosafrica


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