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Watch: Shaka SK Khoza S£!x Party Video Goes Viral


Shaka Sthembiso SK Khoza Sex Party Video: Shaka SK Khosa, an actor with The Queen Mzansi has quoted controversy again, this time appearing in a sex video with three naked ladies. The video has gone viral on social media.

In the video, half dressed ladies are seen dancing to Chris Brown’s loyal. The ladies are also seen suckling each other and SK Khosa is seen appearing and dancing with the pair.
In the same video another ladies strips off naked in front of Shaka.

Shaka Khosa was identified by the hoodie he was wearing which is also on his Instagram account.

Other reports indicate the ladies could have been drugged by the guy hosting the party, Sandile Mtshali.

The Sthembiso Khosa sex video was posted by a Tweep Physoh Madness

Here are comments about the video from concerned fans:

“That must be The Butcher him and Brutus always go, he should drop GPS.”

“Uyabona yin? Nay le bhusha okuhlale kukhulunywa ngayo”

“I felt that “Took a broke niggers bitch”

“It’s so sad when your parents have to see such video of u dancing naked in front of thirsty guys fully dressed”

“Im living in the wrong country mos.”

“Wait, some lady on Facebook had posted that a certain Sandile Mtshali had invited them to his home, took a video of them dancing (I THINK this is the video), last thing she remembers was being in the Jacuzzi and woke up with a terrible headache. She suspects the guy raped them”

Shaka SK Khoza Sex Party Video

“Remember when a similar video was leaked a while back, but with Nigerian guys? Let’s please keep that same #NigeriansMustGo and #nigeriansmustfall energy. Let’s not have double standards”

“Some nigga out there is on “my chick is sleeping” kanti oSK bayazenzela”

“Kore women will always be puppet for men what the f is this>chaosafrica

Shaka SK Khoza Sex Party Video


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