Passion Java takes a dig at Ginimbi again: Pics and Vid


Passion Java takes a dig at Ginimbi again: Pics and Vid. So the boys are back with their drama yet again. Prophet Passion Java and Ginimbi have had issues in the past and looked like they had solved their differences but it seems like they are not okay with each other after all.

We saying this because of the recent events that have took place. So here is why we are saying so. We all know Ginimbi added a new toy to his fleet of flashy cars right. He bought himself a second new Ferrari which has caused chaos in the streets of Harare.

Since the day it arrived in the country it has been causing a whole lot of noise on all social media platforms. Well with all the attention being given to the new car. Passion Java suddenly yesterday posted a picture with a caption that shook us and puzzled many as well. Below is the caption

We didn’t even see this one coming. We all thought they were in good books but this caption right here is a direct diss to the petroleum tycoon and a video below further confirmed what we thinking. Watch it


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