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Shaka Sthembiso SK Khoza asks for forgiveness for naked videos


The Queen Mzansi actor Shaka Sthembiso SK Khoza has apologized after his video with naked and drunk girls went viral on social media.
In the video, a group of girls who looked drunk, removed clothes in full camera view and danced with the actor in what seemed to be an adult naked party.
It is alleged that the party continued in a jacuzzi, a video footage that prompted half a million of searches on Google as South Africans seek the Shaka jacuzzi video.

Shaka Sthembiso SK Khoza apology

The embattled actor came out more than 24hrs later and apologized to his fans, his bosses Connie and Shona Ferguson and The Queen cast members for putting the soapie’s name into disrepute

Inappropriate video images of myself were leaked online and I would like to profusely apologize to my family, friends, employers and fans for embarrassing them and myself. I have put @Shona_Ferguson( FergusonFilms ), my family, and @Mzansimagic in a position I totally regret.
My actions were unacceptable, I beg for forgiveness. I take full responsibility, especially at a time we are faced with a serious pandemic. I should have made better decisions. I need to do better. To everyone I have disappointed and hurt, I am truly sorry.

Being a celeb is hard shame, apologizing cos you embarrassed people cos your type of fun ain’t their type of fun. Celebrities can keep the fame.
Imagine apologizing just because you famous. Kunzima baf2. We see people gathering all the time and throwing parties outchea but they apologize to no one!!
I don’t understand why he is being made to apologize, especially ngoba this is a PR stunt, people must stop pointing at men for such incidents, women must also start to question themselves, if @SKcoza is having his behavior questioned, then what about the women LAPHO!!

But there’s no need for an apology, that vid was very much private, I suspect sabotage as for allegations, Angazi Dawgy….ncese kodwa


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