Home Africa News Ginimbi buys a Lamborghini: Pics

Ginimbi buys a Lamborghini: Pics


Ginimbi buys a Lamborghini: Pics. So it seems the social media war between Ginimbi and Passion Java has just got real. The businessman/socialite has just bought himself a Lamborghini which coincidentally Prophet Passion Java owns too.

We know Ginimbi is a fan of flashy and sports cars. He actually owns a fleet of them at his Mansion in Domboshava. He recently acquired a red Ferrari about a week ago and on one of his video he mentioned a Lamborghini was on its way coming to him and it seems he was telling the truth.

Zimcelebs a blog which specialises in finding news about Zimbabwe celebrities confirmed that Ginimbi had purchased the toy and it’s on its way to Zimbabwe from London. Below are pictures of the Lamborghini…

Zimcelebs media can now confirm that @ginimbi has finished paying off his Lambo from H R Owens London and the car is getting ready to be loaded to leave London….congratulations to Boss G


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