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Prophet T Freddy explains coffin pictures


Prophet T Freddy explains coffin pictures. The musician come prophet’s camp spent the better part of yesterday receiving calls from his church followers and music fans asking if the man of the cloth had died. Although artistes and Prophet Freddy’s music fans welcomed the project with ease, church members and followers were reported to have a different view on the stunt.

Goodness and Mercy Ministries leader, Prophet Tapiwa Freddy’s photographs in a coffin circulating on social media has fast-tracked him to release his latest music project.

Contacted for comment Prophet Freddy was reported to have been emotionally affected by the premature release of the photograph and video expected to be launched first week of August. However, his personal assistant Norleen Mundawaro said Prophet Freddy’s hired media people leaked the photographs forcing him to face the reality of the sorrowful moments of his coming song.

“Prophet Freddy varikurwadziwa this time over the people who shot the music video and leaked the photographs meant to be released on the launch day of his coming album ‘AREA’,” said Mundawaro. “The media team who filmed the video are the ones who failed to keep the secret although they had been paid their dues in full.

“Allow me to tell our followers that Prophet Freddy is alive and the photographs circulating on social media are in connection with his new song off the coming album. “The launch was slated for 7th August but because of the leak Prophet is now under pressure to release the album earlier and if all goes well it will be released on Saturday.

“Prophet is furious. Our security and our contacts were inundated with calls from our followers paying condolence while some wanted to know if what they saw was true,” said Mundawaro. Asked if the video of Prophet in a coffin does not compromise his spiritual position in a way to market his music, Mundawaro said to Prophet Freddy death is gainful and the fear of death was dealt with at the Calvary Cross.

“People are going to appreciate the video upon hearing the song and as for Prophet’s spiritual position, it does not change his standing with God and to him death is gaining he does not fear death since victory came from the death of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,” said Mundawaro. “Some people would misinterpret it especially with the way it reached people when we were not prepared to give it to them but the action compliments the message in the song,” she said.

The photographs circulating on social media show Prophet Freddy in a coffin and mourners viewing his body. Prophet Freddy recently released a song Ndirikurwadziwa following the demolition of his place of worship in Glen View and the video went viral with some mocking him over his failure to use spiritual spectacles to see what was to befall him>chaosafrica


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