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Man, 37, ‘caught eating his own grandmother


A man has been arrested after police allegedly found him eating his own grandmother.

Dwayne Wallick, 37, was arrested in a home in the US state of California on Monday (local time) after Richmond police allegedly caught him in the act of eating his 90-year-old grandmother, Ruby Wallick.

They had been called after a witness saw a man standing over the woman’s body covered in blood.

Police allege when they found Wallick they told him to stop eating his grandma.

Police allegedly came across a man eating his own grandmother and tasered him. Source: AAP, file

They used a stun gun on him and after a struggle, he was handcuffed and arrested.

Wallick remains in a hospital, where he is being treated for unspecified physical injuries.

Investigators are looking into whether drug use played a role in the crime, police said.

Ruby Wallick was pronounced dead Monday, but her cause of death has not been released.

Police are unsure why Gallick would eat his grandma and are yet to establish a motive>chaosafrica


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