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Video: Norma wrecks Malusi Gigaba’s car in cheating revenge scandal


Norma, the wife of ex minister Malusi Gigaba wrecked and scratched his Mercedes G Wagon car after she caught him cheating with another woman.

After a video surfaced on social media, Tweeps were quick to identify the man filming the video as former Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba when his image reflected in one of the car mirror glasses.

Check the video below:

Norma scratched all over the car and broke some of the lights and glasses.

Malusi Gigaba and Norma”s marriage has been a troubled one from the beginning. Reports indicate that Norma was Gigaba’s side chick and got pregnant. A marriage was borne out of the pregancy.

Gigaba was also once caught cheating with United States based model Buhle Mkhize but the scandal did not break his union with Norma. A war of words erupted between Norma and Buhle Mkhize after the later bragged about bedding by then Home Affairs Minister. Gigaba reportedly flew Buhle from the United States to South Africa for a special weekend.

Buhle Mhize

The model humiliated Norma with a series of insults on social media.

Twitter is also weighing on the developing story. Some believe Karma has followed Norma for wrecking Gigaba’s first marriage whilst other believe the recent incident is isolated.

A Tweep posted, “Stop saying Norma deserve it becz she “broke” his 1st marriage. The homewrecker narrative really annoys me like how can someone break pple up ? Did she contribute maybe but break them up no!. Now someone is contributing to her marriage…what she does is up to her!”

Another also posted, “But this karma is bias mos why does it keep locating women, but the cheating men just keep flourishing.”

Others maintain Norma should have not snatched someone’s man, “So Gigaba cheated on his first wife with #NormaGigaba. Now he’s cheated on Norma with someone else. Karma is a boomerang sweetheart, you can never build happiness on someone else’s tears. You should’ve known Norma, the rand went up & down & so did your hubby’s schlong>chaosafrica


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