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Bizarre As Girl confessed To A Radio Station That She Has Been Sleeping With Her Father For Many Years(Audio)


A Kenyan girl confirmed that she was in love with her biological father after she was confronted over the phone on live air. The presenter starts of by calling the girl live on air and telling her that she wants to deliver a message from the girls boyfriend.she asks the girl how close she is with her father and the girl confirms before the presenter asks the nature of the relationship.

The girl doesn’t waste time by aknowleding the sexual relationship with her father and went on to say her father is hot,rich ,has it all and very good in bed compared to her boyfriend.The 25 year old lady confirmed that she has been in love with her father for 4 years now and has reached a point she now envies her own mother.

The presenter rounds of the phone interrogation by delivering the message from the boyfriend saying he knew that she was in love with her father and is ending the relationship.The lady doesn’t regret her decision and when made to choose between her father and her boyfriend the lady said she can’t leave her father because he is too good in bed and is not stingy unlike her boyfriend>chaosafrica


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