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COVID-19 Is Real – Stunners Speaks After Being Hospitalised From An Undisclosed Ailment


Local rapper Stunner has taken to social media to warn his followers about COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus and said it is real and people should not compromise their health for whatever reason, the Chronicle reports.

Stunner who was discharged from hospitalised over a week ago as he was said to be suffering from an undisclosed ailment said:

The funny thing about Covid is that people think varikuitirwa hutsinye muma road nemabhawa (people think they are being treated unfairly by being given restrictions on movements and the closure of bars). They are even organising house parties to substitute bars . . . the biggest mistake is thinking we won’t get it from people we know or our relatives or rich people. Covid is not selective and cowards live longest,

I didn’t allow visitors at the hospital even though many of you wanted to come through. You didn’t know what my illness was and you were still by the doorstep and same way, I didn’t know what you’d bring in. Covid is real guys and it’s killing people. I’m 100% fit and still practising safety at home.

It is still not clear if Stunner was hospitalised because of COVID-19 or any other ailment as he refuses to give out the details. However, Stunner’s message comes amid reports that the country recorded 10 COVID-19 deaths yesterday and over 3000 cases have been recorded in the country since the onset of the pandemic in Zimbabwe on 20 March 2020>chaosafrica


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