Dj Towers m@terbat!ng video: Ehe ndinobonyora


Dj Towers admits – Ehe ndinobonyora: Video. The controversial self-proclaimed leader of new school Zim hip-hop DJ Towers has finally responded to rumours that were circulating on social media some few days ago that he m@sterbates. The always happy and hilarious human being admitted to doing the act in a video that has gone viral.

The hip-hop producer is always making controversial comments and scandals that make him stay in media and news each and every time. He was also known for his bust-up with millionaire Mr Stylz who he had been good friends with for many years.

They were good friend to the point of him Mr Stylz and his friend and fellow millionaire Teemak who is Enzo Ishall’s promoter and manager bought DJ Towers a car. The car which was then involved in an accident being driven by DJ Towers’ friend Ronnie.

So at the moment, the producer does not have a car, but he promised he will have one soon. The accident had the car written off, but we thank G

But for now, watch this crazy video of DJ Towers explaining his business>chaosafrica

Watch video below


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