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Security guards forced to drink beer, smoke dagga during robbery…


Three truckloads of liquor were stolen from Distell in Nuffield on Sunday evening by a group of between 10 and 14 men.

Springs police spokesperson Amanda Greybe said four security guards were on duty at the weighbridge at the front gate when seven men armed with rifles, 9mm guns and smaller calibre handguns, approached them from the back of the premises.

They are believed to have gained access by jumping over the back fence.

The robbers rounded up all of the guards on duty (nine men and two women), including one who tried to escape, and robbed them of their security jackets and cellphones.

A guard in possession of a tracking unit was forced to accompany one of the robbers at gunpoint to all the clock-in points on the premises so that suspicion would not be aroused at the security control room.

The guards were then taken to the back of the premises where they were bound with shoelaces and forced to drink beer and smoke dagga.

This is believed to have been done so the guards would not be able to relay too many details to police.

The guards were later returned to the weighbridge, where they passed three Freightliner code 14 trucks with trailers.

Men were seen loading liquor into the trucks with a forklift.

“The men gave the guards more alcohol to “enjoy themselves” and after the trucks were fully loaded, they left the premises at about 2am.

“The total number of those involved is estimated to be between 10 and 14.

“No serious injuries were reported and no shots were fired during the robbery.

“The value of the liquor can only be established after stocktaking is done,” said Greybe>chaosafrica


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