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Watch: Tatelicious Apologizes To Lasizwe After Getting Blasted By Zimbos For Being Gay


Transgender socialite Tatelicious decided to issue an apology on behalf of all Zimbabweans to Lasizwe, after he was blasted on Zim social media for being gay.

Reality show star Lasizwe Dambuza has been subjected to homophobic backlash on social media by Zimbabweans.

Scores of people across the world have been showing their solidarity and rallying behind Zimbabwe with #ZimbabweanLivesMatter movement which gained momentum, amid anti-corruption protests and human rights.

Lasizwe tweeted and said “I Stand With Zimbabwe,”which didn’t go too well for the comedian with people not being able to see past his sexuality.

Watch the video as Tatelicious apologizes to Lasizwe .

PS: Please be advised, Tatelicious has a foul mouth and uses vulgar and profane language very freely in the video below.

After reading her history, one would get to understand why issues of LGBTQ are close to her heart and why she sympathized with Lasizwe. Tatelicious, born Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe, has spent more than US$80 000 to transform himself into a woman.

She is the first Zimbabwean to undergo such a transformation. She identifies with lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and intersexuals in the community, more commonly referred to as LGBTQ.

However, she says she is not gay but a transwoman.

“I identify myself with women. I’m a wife, a mother, at work I’m a lady. I was always feminine,” she explained

In a country whose laws only recognize two sexes and a culture that abhors sex changes, it is no surprise Lasizwe was bashed by Zimbabweans on social media.

Meanwhile, controversial ‘Queen Tatelicious’ as she is affectionately by her fans, is always at war with many socialites and Zimcelebs. One may come to the conclusion that Tatelicious has a hidden agenda against many of local celebrities especially the female ones. She has gone after Madam Boss, Olinda Chapel, Pokello, and even Mai Titi>chaosafrica


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